Group Show 2015,
Mall Galleries
Federation of British Artists
Pall Mall London

IRON FLIES LIKE TIME — (Iron Age) 1200BC -700AD.

This is the first print of my 2015/2016 series. I consider our known history between 1200BCE and 1400AD Iron flies like time produced as my entry for “what is the point ?” A show at the Mall Galleries Federation of British artist Pall Mall London curated by Kate Enters. This Invitation only Show asks a group of international artist to answer the question in the title. My answer is best illustrated by this quote:The point of Art is to speak 'A' truth. Artists are good at capturing the essence of the time and bring the future or the past into perspective I think this is when we of best use to society.

With this work I start a discussion on the history of the civilisation of the people around the River Niger. My aim is to extend our collective memory past the slave trade.


“I think art is good at looking back and looking forward. I don't think art is good at looking head-on. At the end of the day, people are more important than paintings.”

- Damien Hirst

A representation of our industrial past , specifically our memory, or lack thereof, of specific historical events. Based on the relics from Nok a region in Nigeria who were the first to start smelting Iron 1200 BCE – 200 BC. The Nok are now widely accepted to have developed the art independently at about the same time as the Phonicians and the Ancient Chinese predating the Roman empire at the same time as the Imperial Egyptian dynasty. REF Prof Christopher Ehret

The sculptures where discovered by Lt Col John Dent-Young in 1928.

The multiplicity/repetitiveness of the work signifies the productivity of mankind our industriousness and shared experiences and also our proclivity to forget about specifics as we look at the bigger picture at the expense of the detail. The internationally shared mythology of gods of iron, I find fascinating especially as it pertains to man's curiosity and original thought process the journey from meteor showers, lightning strikes and iron ore deposits. The perfect storms creating temperatures above 1100ºC the dawn of industry.

This leap from pottery to iron is an illusion of our own self, “moulded” as we were from clay and our continuing metamorphosis into machines, coming full circle with the invention of the silicon chip.

Lightning Storms and meteor showers throughout centuries have been seen as transcendent, awe-inspiring events. The gods of thunder with their two headed axes, one head to clear the path another to fight. Lightning's power is demonstrated by the ability to split in two creating wealth as referred by the Yoruba”s from South West Nigeria symbolic reference for twins. And the ability to destroy. The metaphorical representation portrayed in this work is my way of connecting the science with the art, the history with the myth, and the past with the present.