AKIN DISU is a Nigerian artist based in Lagos Nigeria. His work is autobiographical and explores the threads that come together to weave the tapestry that is his life, and by extension, the narrative of his people—The people from the area around the great River Niger.

He was shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award at 17 and has taken part in numerous shows including the Lagos Art Expo in 2010 and 2012. He had a solo show at the Didi Museum in Lagos L4YER CAKE 2014 “A narrative on the Throne of Lagos” and has been selected to show at “What is the Point? 2015, Mall Galleries, Federation of British Artists, Pall Mall London curated by Kate Enters. His prints are sought after by Collectors, Institutions, and private buyers.

"The Dukes of the Lagoon, Yoruba nobility sit in a plethora of golden pennies. The red and green of the Portugese who gave the city its modern name is brought to play against a back ground of the petrol blue of the Lagoon. The colour red a representation of the wealth of the fruits of the palm and our famous pepper crop, The green for land and enterprise, the blue lagoon, and Multiplicity of chiefs for representational government. In Lagos the heavens shine down on the fertile green of great Nigeria."
— Akintunde Disu